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[29 Sep 2008 | No Comment | ]
The End of the Earth

I’ve completed two months as a Jesuit Volunteer in rural Alaska. As I continue to find my experiences difficult to summarize, here is a poem-reflection on my first encounters.
Bethel, Alaska
They say it’s not the end of the earth…
But you can see it from here.
Out across the undulating grasses
The mossy ground
Littered with lonely lakes
Traveling on and on and on
Perhaps ending somewhere just out of sight
Small graying houses, perched on their stilts
Like flamingos standing in the water
Clustered together for companionship
Neighborhoods standing in solidarity
Their Red and Green roofs are the only skyline
The …

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[30 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]
Ruined For Life?

In under a week I will be a Jesuit Volunteer. Not to be over dramatic and alarmist, but everything is about to change for me. The transition from college to…well…not college is a big one for many people. While lots of my friends are looking for jobs or starting graduate programs, I decided to join JVC Northwest. Over the past few months as I have been preparing (or avoiding preparing as is more generally the case) for this transition, many people have asked me when and why I decided …

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[6 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]

I have several friends who don’t like to be outside. Their attitudes, while strange to me, are very common. My friends find being outside uncomfortable: there is no temperature control, insects abound, and the potential to get dirty is high. It’s not necessarily that my friends dislike nature, in fact, I think quite the opposite. It seems more that they see nature as foreign and unpredictable. One friend states in her facebook profile “I’m not outdoorsy but I love the outdoors.”  She certainly at least likes the idea of being …